[Gimp-developer] Bring back normal save

Before Gimp was logical and save did work as it shall, but now is
"save" and "save as" the same thing, out over that is save no longer
save but more "Force to save in to native format". If I open a PNG and
edit it and then press "Save" I want my image to be saved in the same
format and with same name, do I want to save to other formats I select
"Save as" and select what format I want by type the extension.

I do not want to use "export" to save to save format, for export is
for exporting from one format to another via another application, like
you want to save to Image.Pfrrrt by calling Pfrrrt converter. Import
is when you has a converter that can convert PDF format or SVG format
to bitmap format.

For in my (and many others) normal workflow I open a JPG copy, adjust
colors, re-scale, sharpen and want to save to same format with ctrl-s,
then close image and open next. Now I open JPG copy, adjust colors,
re-scale, sharpen, export, close, get question if I want to save work
I already did save, click "Close without saving".

Btw, why can we "open" a JPG but not "save" a JPG, if we "export" to
JPG should we than not has "import" JPG files to keep the logic?

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