Re: [Gimp-developer] Bring back normal handling of other file formats

El 20/06/12 12:34, Richard Gitschlag escribió:
The (as someone so pithily phrased it) "Ha ha ha - No way am I letting you do that" manner in which GIMP informs you of the Save/Export distinction can be anything from merely harmless to downright offensive, depending on your individual workflow (and peculiar temperament).

Every design decision implies in some way that the program won't let you do something and every change will affect somebody's workflow.
But I just had an idea (sorry if anybody already suggested it and I missed it): What if the "merely harmeless to downright offensive" popup saying that Save is for XCF offers an extra button labeled "export anyway" or something similar?
It wouldn't affect the current workflow, It would still inform about the distinction between save and export and it would offer an option for people who want Save back as it was in 2.6

And going even further. What if that popup has a "don't ask me again" checkbox to use "export anyway" without asking afterwards?

This would take an extra coding work, but it probably it's a fix.

If you ask me, that and a default shortcut for export would make everybody happy (a quite unusual closure for a UI discussion) :-)


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