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  • dia rpm packages, Brian R. Gaeke
  • double lines, Steffen Dyhr-Nielsen
  • additional resources, Clint Ishmael
  • looking for a (perl) dia user, nadim khemir
  • =?WINDOWS-1252?Q?=91dia=5Fdiagram=5Ficon=92_undeclared?=, Steffen Macke
  • Dia for mac, =?ISO-8859-1?Q?Micha=EBl_Lamb=E9?=
  • Dia ChangeLog report for 2008-03-18 04:00:00 UTC (Tue 18 Mar), Dia ChangeLog Daemon
  • No allowed to write temporary files in..., Rajasingham, Prabhakar
  • dia file format (corrected), Rustom Mody
  • dia file format, Rustom Mody
  • Help please!, Ahmed CHRAIBI-DAKHAMA
  • Dia ChangeLog report for 2008-03-12 04:00:01 UTC (Wed 12 Mar), Dia ChangeLog Daemon
  • Some shapes/sheets I've put together, =?iso-8859-1?Q?Asbj=F8rn_A=2E?= Fellinghaug
  • Dia ChangeLog report for 2008-03-11 04:00:00 UTC (Tue 11 Mar), Dia ChangeLog Daemon
  • Dia2SQL version 1.2.0, Maciej Jaros
  • Dia ChangeLog report for 2008-03-10 04:00:01 UTC (Mon 10 Mar), Dia ChangeLog Daemon
  • Dia ChangeLog report for 2008-03-07 04:00:00 UTC (Fri 07 Mar), Dia ChangeLog Daemon
  • DiaCze, JackieFung
  • Import to Access, Christian Thanner
  • Re: Dia custom lines objects patch UPDATE (against svn rev. 3875), Hans Breuer
  • Dia ChangeLog report for 2008-03-06 04:00:01 UTC (Thu 06 Mar), Dia ChangeLog Daemon
  • Fonts size generaly, =?iso-8859-2?Q?Petr_Slez=E1k?=
  • RE: DIa Port to Java (offtopic), =?iso-8859-1?q?Enrique=20Ariz=F3n?=
  • Re: SVN build anybody, Hans Breuer
  • Re: Printing grid lines in Dia, Michael Ross
  • Dia ChangeLog report for 2008-03-04 04:00:00 UTC (Tue 04 Mar), Dia ChangeLog Daemon
  • Dia ChangeLog report for 2008-03-03 04:00:01 UTC (Mon 03 Mar), Dia ChangeLog Daemon

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