Re: SVN build anybody

Am 28.02.2008 11:09, Helmut Jarausch schrieb:
On 27 Feb, Hans Breuer wrote:
How does this question differ from the one answered a few days ago?
Where does it fail now?
Yes, I did build from SVN recently but needed to do some modifications - not yet commited. Still there may be a problem because my build was on win32 with msvc;)

With my commit from today it should work again. 'make distcheck' was quite bit-rotten, but passes now. Please let us know if you still have issue,
except if they are caused by passing --with-swig.

That's known to be broken and probably requires some reorganization of Dia's dynamic module building. (I can do that on windoze but not with libtool/automake.)


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