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  • [xml] HTML fragments, Joachim Zobel
  • [xml] patch: copying unlinked namespaced node, Rob Richards
  • [xml] Strange behavior with xmlParseInNodeContext and HTML documents, Aaron Patterson
  • [xml] xinclude on same resource - xpointer="element(c2/1)" fails, c3459823592735
  • Re: [xml] confusing xpath performance characteristics, Stefan Behnel
  • [xml] DTD validation & whitespace removal, John Clements
  • Re: [xml] [xslt] HTML vs. XHTML: different output when including a file with \r\n [WAS: xmllint vs. xsltproc: different output when including a file with \r\n], Nick Wellnhofer
  • [xml] XmlReader: documentation question, Jonathan Squirawski
  • [xml] Trying to make sense of testsuite errors with libxml2 2.7.6, Martin B.
  • [xml] Minor path for xmltree.c : xmlNodeSetName, Martin B.
  • [xml] Patches to fix two gcc warnings - unused variable and undefined return value, Nikolay Sivov
  • [xml] XML Schema validation error details - line numbers and so on, Michael Gajek
  • [xml] XMLUnit using libxml2, Mathieu Malaterre
  • [xml] libxml violates the zlib interface and crashes, Mark Adler
  • [xml] Hi, all, about xmlParseChunk's number of calls of characters callback function., Liu bbskill
  • [xml] Patch: Correct variable type to unsigned, Nikolay Sivov
  • [xml] Access internal xmlParserInputBuffer data, Nikolay Sivov
  • [xml] RelaxNG bug?, Elvis Stansvik
  • [xml] relax ng validation error using libxml2, Jos van den Oever
  • [xml] Setting element sequence according to schema on output, Seth
  • [xml] xmlCleanupParser() question / patch, Aron Szabo
  • [xml] xmllint - Browsing in file with default namespace, Thomas Larsen Wessel
  • [xml] Segmentation fault in xmlSAX2StartElementNs/nodePush, Neil Youngman
  • [xml] HTMLparse.c has missing commas, Eugene Pimenov
  • [xml] xmlParseFile Help, Charles.K.W
  • [xml] Strange behavior, Andreas Wagner
  • Re: [xml] Installation issue with IIS, Petr Pajas
  • [xml] Strange behavior, Gabriel Duarte
  • [xml] namespace problem, Andreas Wagner
  • [xml] xmlTextReaderLocalName returns #text, Michael Andersson

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