Re: [xml] namespace problem

On Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 9:00 PM, Andreas Wagner <andreaswagner7 gmail com> wrote:
The parent of the param Node where i should be is definitively parameter and the child must be param and i am in the correct line ( cur->line).

Be careful because if you have text between the parent element and the child element then you will have at least a text node in between the two elements.

The following xml snippet:
 <param parName="parameter1" type="BOOL" value="true"/>

Element (<parameter)
 -> children (text "\n ") -> next (Element <param >)

Text elements are part of the DOM too and they are also represented as xmlNodes. Use the property type to see what kind of node you're inspecting. If you really want to get the child element and not the child then use xmlFirstElementChild(cur)

Emmanuel Rodriguez

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