[xml] namespace problem

Hi folks,

i have an xml document like this:

<?xml version="1.0" ...?>
<root xmlns:Value="http://dummies.org">
            <param name="xxx">
                 <Value:scalar name="xxx" type="BOOL"/>
            <param name="yyy">
                 <Value:scalar name="yyy" type="BOOL"/>

I can read the variables and the constants in the header, but when i want to read the Value:scalar name and type i get nothing. I read the correct lines, but the content is empty (thats normal) but the name of this element is "text".
When the current node is param i try to get the values with:

xmlChar *name;
cur = cur->xmlChildrenNode;
if (xmlGetNsProp(cur,(const xmlChar*) "name", (const xmlChar*) "Value"){
    name = xmlGetNsProp(cur,(const xmlChar*) "name", (const xmlChar*) "Value");
    printf("name: %s \n,name);

So what am i doing wrong and how can i get the name and type? I tried a lot of things but did not get any result.


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