Re: [xml] gzdirect() doesn't work in zlib (at least)

On 22 Jan 2010, Mark Adler spake thusly:

On Jan 22, 2010, at 9:54 AM, Nix wrote:
These results are inverted, so in, gzdirect() returns 0 even
when the input source file is not compressed at all. Oops?


Yes, oops.  This was already known.  The testing for now should be
against the production version,, as Daniel has already done.
My next internal beta,, has the new gzdirect() fixed.

Aha, OK: obviously 1.2.4 isn't quite ready for release yet!

It might be a good idea if you released something with only the security
vulnerabilities in fixed. Not all OS vendors who ship zlib seem
to bother with security updates to it :((( though the Linux distributors
do a good job (often by shipping your internal betas).

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