Re: [xml] xinclude on same resource - xpointer="element(c2/1)" fails

Hi Daniel,

A minor xptr/element()-spec-related point:

On 2010-01-29 11:45, Daniel Veillard wrote:
On Fri, Jan 29, 2010 at 12:26:41AM +0100, c3459823592735 arcor de wrote:

 I'm using xinclude with xpointer element()-scheme to include an existing element of the same resource at 
a different location. The following bar.xml gives an example. In cruft-element with ID "c4" I'm including 
<fnac>a</fnac>. In cruft-element with ID "c5" I'm trying to include <fnac>b</fnac>. In cruft-element "c6" 
I'm trying to include <fnac>c</fnac> and added therefore a href="bar.xml" to avoid any "Resource Error". 
I'm doing all this with IDs defined in bar.xsd. Here comes the complete example:

<bar xmlns:xsi="";
<fnorb id="snip">
<cruft id="c1"><fnac>a</fnac></cruft>
<cruft id="c2"><fnac>b</fnac></cruft>
<cruft id="c3"><fnac>c</fnac></cruft>
<cruft id="c4"><xi:include xpointer="element(/1/1/1/1)"/></cruft>
<cruft id="c5"><xi:include xpointer="element(c2/1)"/></cruft>
<cruft id="c6"><xi:include href="bar.xml" xpointer="element(c3/1)"/></cruft>

  xmllint doesn't do ID ness for XSD based validation as far as I know,
at least not by default whe XIncluding it so your ID won't be found that
way ! Use xml:id it was designed exactly for that.

  Also your second and 3rd espressions are wrong, element(c2/1) will
look for an element named c2 not for an element with an ID of c2.
use id() or @id constructs.

The element() scheme allows for a shorthand pointer as the first step,
so 'element(c2)' is equivalent to 'xpointer(id(c2))' (and '#element(c2)'
is equivalent to '#c2'). I'm talking about the W3C spec, maybe it's
"wrong" for xmllint, but I seem to recall it working, though I can't
verify that right now.



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