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  • [xml] Bug when dumping meta tag nodes with the xmlSaveToIO api, Aaron Patterson
  • [xml] How to omit the <?xml..?> header?, LAUN, Wolfgang
  • [xml] Support for embedded Schematron in XSDs, Vinod Patil
  • [xml] Help, dont get back allocated memory!, Viktor Stoehr
  • [xml] Use of method SAX of the library LibXml2, asma bouali
  • Re: [xml] c14n 1.1 support (patch), Stefan Behnel
  • [xml] [PATCH] External entity loader by-context, Michael Leupold
  • [xml] entity conversion, Andrew Hume
  • [xml] changes between xmllib2 versions, LAUN, Wolfgang
  • [xml] patch for CVE-2009-2416., jo
  • [xml] where can i check out the head of libxml2 ?, jo
  • [xml] [Fwd: Re: manipulating tree causes Seg fault], Nick Lang
  • [xml] CERT Finland: Vulnerabilities in XML libraries including LibXML2, Michael Ludwig
  • [xml] manipulating tree causes Seg fault, Nick Lang
  • Re: [xml] xmlSaveFormatFileEnc - xml file with binary zeros, Daniel Veillard
  • Re: [xml] interaction between xmlSetGenericErrorFunc and xmlSetStructuredErrorFunc can crash (draft patch available), Daniel Veillard
  • Re: [xml] Error on including and importing schemas already parsed, Daniel Veillard
  • [xml] IP Binding., Brian Kim
  • [xml] Getting the offset of a node in the stream, Alberto Mardegan
  • [xml] Html from Libxml2 Versus Html from Web browser, Brian Kim
  • [xml] Approach for parsing HTML file or URL, Brian Kim
  • Re: [xml] xml Digest, Vol 64, Issue 2, Piotr Sipika
  • [xml] validation fails for embedded RELAX NG schema, Jerzy Jalocha N

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