Re: [xml] Error on including and importing schemas already parsed

On Thu, Mar 26, 2009 at 10:14:10AM -0400, Oblivian wrote:

From what I've researched on other mailing lists.  The parsing of
includes/imports and redefines of namespaces after they've been
included/imported or redefined already is allowed by the spec (or at least
it doesn't explicitly disallowed it).  Most other parsers allow it, I think
libxml2 is about the only one that doesn't.  From the comments in the code I
removed it looks like Kasimier was just being careful, but it does remove
functionality that is implicitly allowed by the specification.  After
further consideration, I don't think that it should impact normal test
results and that the patch should be good.  The test case Luke provided
should probably be implemented in xstc which I don't have the time to do
right now.  If Luke could do it that would be great.

Also,  I would appreciate it if the other code changes could be incorporated
for the next release so that I can use imported/included namespaces in a
complex schema I have for another project...  the more complex schema you
can refer to is at:

  yes, I finally got there ! I applied your patches and included the
regression tests in the test suite, that will be in the upcoming release
which I expect for Monday,

  thanks a lot !


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