[xml] manipulating tree causes Seg fault


What I've got going on here is this:
I have an XML document.
my regex search = "(.a)(b)(c.)"
to be replaced with: replace = "\\1<text:span text:style-name='bold'>\\2</text:span>\\3" using the following namespace = """xmlns:text="http://openoffice.org/2000/text"; """

so essentially we have this

za<text:span text:style-name='bold'>b</text:span>cz

In order to accomplish this I created a new doc, with root element <a> and the namespace as specified above.
Next I do the regex search and replace and everything is honky-doory.
The next step is to remove the <a> element.
So what i've done is created a function to collect all the children of <a>, unlink them, and then link them to the parent of <a>.

What happens after I do this though, is quite a disaster. In the processing framework I use, it causes python to seg fault (every time) I've removed all the "fluff" around the original component, and write some code that deals directly with this problem.

After I did that, I find python blowing up, and spamming the screen with memory allocation errors. (not sure if the seg fault and this are related but could be).

So, obviously what's happening here is when I'm adding in this new tree via a regex route, and then unlinking nodes and relinking nodes, the pointers for these nodes are getting screwed up.

Now I know that there might be a problem with my code as well, and if anyone wants to see it please let me know. But if you know that this is an issue with libxml2 that'd be good to know as well!


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