Re: [xml] manipulating tree causes Seg fault

Nick Lang schrieb:

I have an XML document.
my regex search = "(.a)(b)(c.)"
to be replaced with: [...]

everything is honky-doory.

So what i've done is created a function to collect all the children of
<a>, unlink them, and then link them to the parent of <a>.

What happens after I do this though, is quite a disaster. In the
processing framework I use, it causes python to seg fault (every time)

After I did that, I find python blowing up, and spamming the screen
with memory allocation errors.

I'm adding in this new tree via a regex route

I'm sorry, but I haven't managed to figure out what you're doing. I
might be missing something, but the details seem a bit scary. Regex
search? On the tree? Adding a tree via a "regex route"? Honky-doory?

I suggest you arrange your thoughts in less nebulous language.

One thing: Are you aware you need to import/adopt nodes when
transplanting them from one document to another?

Michael Ludwig

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