Re: [xml] validation fails for embedded RELAX NG schema

On Mon, Aug 3, 2009 at 6:57 PM, Bruce Miller<bruce miller nist gov> wrote:
On 08/03/2009 06:25 PM, Jerzy Jalocha N wrote:

I think that you all have sent me enough evidence, that shows that
embedding a RELAX NG schema in an arbitrary document doesn't work, and
is probably not valid.

But, it can be _made_ to "work", and it is "valid" if
you say it is!
Mainly, I think you need to refine (or define :> ) your terms.

Ooops, I guess, my vague and unfortunate wording created again more
confusion. Sorry!

I am already working successfully with my 'literate schemas'. The
'embedded schema' is extracted with xsltproc, and that is used in turn
to validate other documents with xmllint. I also have a
'literate-schema.rng', that defines (and validates) my 'literate
schemas'. And everything is nicely wrapped in a small shell script.

However, you certainly could pursue your idea by
either developing a version of xmllint that _did_ extract
the schema from the enhanced schema, or alternatively
developing separate tools like web/tangle/etc that extract it.

Fortunately, the described workflow is simple and does the job
('works'), without having to get my hands dirty. Semantically, the
documents express exactly what I want. 'Validity' is both defined and
guaranteed by the use of 'literate-schema.rng'. Performance isn't a
problem, either, on this small scale. (Anyway, I've never experienced
performance issues with xsltproc & xmllint --quite the contrary, they
always are lightning fast!)

Thanks for your answer, Bruce.


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