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  • [xml] Catalog delegate problems on msys/mingw, John Marshall
  • [xml] change the property value (attribute), Senthil Nathan
  • [xml] memory issues when using xmlXPathEvalExpression, Senthil Nathan
  • Re: [xml] Line numbers stored by libxml2, starlight
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  • [xml] Libs for Windows x64?, Aya Koshigaya
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  • Re: [xml] Pattern contstraints in XML Schema (escaping period in character groups), Andrew Tosh
  • [xml] libxml2-2.6.30: uninitialized variable, Joel.Wahlberg
  • [xml] XPath - crashing using xmlXPathCompiledEval (problem within xmlXPathCtxtCompile?) - long, Andrew Nelson
  • [xml] Memory leak detected when create xmlParserCtxt by xmlCreatePushParserCtxt, Jarvis Luo
  • [xml] Regarding Internal & External Subset CallBacks During Sax Parsing, Ashwin
  • [xml] FW: Incorrect Behaviour of xmlSchemaValidateStream, Ashwin
  • [xml] libxml2: xmlNewChield and memory control, Stefan Schulze Frielinghaus
  • [xml] xmlgetNodePath differences on Mac/Win32., Andrew Nelson
  • [xml] build on HP-UX with GCC fails with "Compiler not ANSI compliant", byron
  • Re: [xml] Freeing the schema document in schematron, Stefan Behnel
  • [xml] Query regarding empty nodes creation during document parsing,, nagesh
  • [xml] Query regarding IDCs handling during schema parsing., nagesh
  • Re: [xml] libxml2 Solaris issue, Daniel Veillard
  • [xml] Setting a context from a patricular node, Abhishek Jain
  • [xml] document resolver (again), Nic
  • [xml] Newbie question - Getting Node Content from XPath, Andrew Nelson
  • [xml] Change in HTML "embed" handling breaks parser in 2.6.29+, Stefan Behnel
  • [xml] DOCBparser module deprecated warning, Senthil Nathan
  • [xml] _xmlGlobalInitMutexLock() possible memory leak (2.6.30/win32), Jason Millard
  • [xml] file path vs URI, Petr Sumbera
  • Re: [xml] XPath from a specific node instead of document root, Jason Millard

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