Re: [xml] xpath and element names

On Fri, Nov 23, 2007 at 01:05:20PM -0500, Kralidis,Tom 
[Burlington] wrote:


I'm using libxml2 Version: 2.6.29 on fc7, with the xpath 
functionality, to parse an XML document.
Line 83 shows an attempt to fetch the name of the root element, but 
I'm not getting any results.  What's the approach to 
fetching the name 
of an element in libxml2's xpath support?

  in XPath it's name() / local-name() see the spec, of course 
it's the same in libxml2 !

For XPath querying example:

Thanks for the info.  I'm in a situation where I need to know the root
element name before further processing.

So to get the element name does one use xmlXPathEval with an xpath of
"name(/*)" or xmlXPathEvalExpression with an xpath of "/*" ?  

Furthermore, to fetch the resulting string, is this stored in
xmlNodeSet->nodeTab[0]->name or xmlXPathObject->stringval ?

Thanks for any advice


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