Re: [xml] document resolver (again)

Nic wrote:
So I'm tracking down this issue with document resolver where a python
docloader causes segfaults and a whole load of issues.

I've tracked the problem down to this:

when using a user supplied resolver to load a stylesheet that has 2
levels of import it fails.

I'm not sure why it fails... the resolver python function returns
ok. But it does fail.

Within the resolver function I'm using:


to read the files. The parserContext is the pctx object passed to the
resolver function in this signature:

   python_resolver(url, pctx, ctx, type)

Does anybody have a clue on how to get round this problem? It seems
like quite a big limitation.

Not quite answering your question, but have you considered using lxml? The way
custom resolvers are implemented there tends to feel a lot more natural to
some people - and it's definitely safe to use them from Python.


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