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  • [Vala] writing a vapi, Mihail Naydenov
  • [Vala] curses.vapi need some love, Florian Schäfer
  • [Vala] gstminiobjects in gobject?, pancake
  • Re: [Vala] GPrivete and GStaticPrivate...and threads with their own data, Mihail Naydenov
  • [Vala] Vala Toys for GEdit, Andrea Del Signore
  • [Vala] GPrivete and GStaticPrivate, Mihail Naydenov
  • Re: [Vala] Vala object model, Jürg Billeter
  • Re: [Vala] about Soup.URI.encode, Jürg Billeter
  • Re: [Vala] GSL Binding updated!!!, Jürg Billeter
  • [Vala] Is it possible to use OpenGL and SDL at the moment?, José David Abad
  • [Vala] Setting prefix and paths at configure time., Federico Pelloni
  • [Vala] Autotools and vala, Maciej Piechotka
  • [Vala] copy method in libsoup-2.4 vapi, Victor Manuel Jáquez Leal
  • [Vala] multiple constructors, Nicolò Chieffo
  • [Vala] [Import ()], Maciej Piechotka
  • [Vala] toggle ref?, Yu Feng
  • [Vala] indexed properties, Nicolò Chieffo
  • [Vala] IDE with code compeltion, Nicolò Chieffo
  • [Vala] Accessing "base" property of Gtk.Style, Federico Pelloni
  • [Vala] Implicit lamdas/closures, Sam Liddicott
  • Re: [Vala] type MIN and MAX, pancake
  • [Vala] RSS/Atom or XML parsing library, Alessandro Pellizzari
  • Re: [Vala] Question on Documentation and tutorials., Alessandro Pellizzari
  • [Vala] gscript bindings?, pancake
  • [Vala] Simple GEdit plugin & binding, Andrea Del Signore
  • [Vala] connect_after, Mihail Naydenov
  • [Vala] Patch: allow TypeSymbols in emitted C code for some C library macros, Sam Liddicott
  • [Vala] var does not honor weak?, Mihail Naydenov
  • [Vala] [Bindings] Few quick questions about glib, Mihail Naydenov
  • [Vala] possible bug with exception handling, Cliff Brake
  • [Vala] patch to add read/write to FileStream, Cliff Brake
  • [Vala] problem appending structs to Lists, Cliff Brake
  • [Vala] initializing structures, Cliff Brake

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