Re: [Vala] Implicit lamdas/closures

  I'm very interested in having closure support as well.  However I'm not sure I understand your implementation details.  I had planned to write an async helper library ontop of vala once it had closure support.  Perhaps it would be wise to do the most succinct amount of features possible here as not to over-complicate things.

  I had started a GClosure based async library a long time ago, but stopped when I got to scheduler optimizations for cpu work-stealing.  I'd love to get started on this again, but I would really like to see the vala closure implementation work well with GClosure constructs.

  The closure user_data will prove to be tricky.  What do we do when a mutable string is passed as a local?  Should we expect the user to know when to free it properly post closure callback or just dup the string and free it in the closure?  These are the things I haven't thought through, and would love to hear some ellaboration on.

Thanks for your hacking and persistent communication

-- Christian

On Tue, Sep 16, 2008 at 2:48 PM, Sam Liddicott <sam liddicott com> wrote:
Here I am working my self into brain fever, and not a peep!

No-one says "stop him, the fool" or "darn fiendish cunning" or even "he's using goto's, the churlish knave".

No-ones saying "don't taint the language with your base practicalities" or even "whatever can it mean?"

Someone say something before I get dragged back to more fiscally accountable projects.

If I write the code is it likely to be accepted?

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