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  • [patch] [bug 461804] don't use setlocale, Christian Persch
  • [patch] [bug 461792] don't use same action group name more than once, Christian Persch
  • [patch] [bug 461789] fix order of action group removal, Christian Persch
  • nautilus 2.18/2.19 crashers, Andre Klapper
  • Away for three weeks, Alexander Larsson
  • Re: [patch] [bug 432510] samba filename encoding on none UTF-8 locales, Takao Fujiwara - Tokyo S/W Center
  • [patch] [bug 410113] remove use of eel string truncation, Christian Persch
  • [patch] [bug 326774] don't focus path bar buttons on click, Christian Persch
  • Re: [PATCH] Allow to rename .desktop file with empty name, update all used .desktop locales on rename, Alexander Larsson
  • previewing mp3 files, EcK3kO WallaCe
  • [patch] [bug 458284] port to new tooltips API, Christian Persch
  • Some info about Nautilus extensions, Kevin Dunglas
  • Regarding Bug #455908 Nautilus hangs while accessing a mounted location which is not available, rajan singh
  • "Open as Administrator" error opening files., Todd Partridge
  • Typo in new GConf key description, Luca Ferretti
  • [patch] [bug 455616] arrow button tooltip broken, Christian Persch
  • Re: Name changes for items in File Browser side pane - resolved, Jim Sladek
  • Name changes for items in File Browser side pane, Jim Sladek
  • Patch to bug #414199, Andrea Cimitan
  • How do I get rid of Floppy1 listed in File Browser? - fixed, Jim Sladek
  • Nautilus search, Rok Jaklic
  • How do I get rid of Floppy1 listed in File Browser?, Jim Sladek
  • Mime warnings in Nautilus while in root, Jim Sladek
  • movie files..., Alberto Segura
  • Re: movie files feature request..., Andre Klapper
  • Restricted view of the filesystem, Sayamindu Dasgupta
  • Update to new emblem sizes, Luca Ferretti
  • Update to new emblem names, Luca Ferretti
  • Re: Filter idea, Matthew Paul Thomas

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