Re: MSVC build problems after updating from git

On 30/11/2014 10:20, Kjell Ahlstedt wrote:

I believe it's a "Microsoft thing" and certainly not a perl problem. I also found this link:

Okay, this is starting to make some sense now.  Here's the text, as output by

       gmmproc: error: GIOErrorEnum: Example code discarded.

And here's the format of a typical MSVC error message, as output by the compiler:-

      <path to the source file>: error <some error number>: <brief error description>: <more detail>.

Notice that both examples have precisely the same format!  In particular, they both contain 3 colons and the text string "error" (among some other text) is in between the 1st and 2nd colons.  That would definitely explain why MSVC is mis-interpreting the DocsParser output as being an error!

If it's really impossible to turn off the "error message awareness" of Visual Studio, I'll change gmmproc for you. But first please check it really is impossible.

Knowing the above, even if it was possible to turn the awareness off, my guess is that all such error messages would then get ignored - even genuine errors.  It's pretty amazing that something like this has never cropped up before!  I think that changing from colons to commas is definitely the safest solution here.


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