Re: MSVC build problems after updating from git

On 27/11/2014 14:24, Kjell Ahlstedt wrote:

The extra comments are inserted by gmmproc. All ,hg that contain _WRAP_GERROR directives will result in bigger .h files now because of this patch that I added to the git repository last week:

I'm surprised that those comments can make the build fail. They look like perfectly normal comments when I generate error.h on my Ubuntu 14.10 system.

I agree Kjell. Not only do the comments look normal but the generated files ('' and 'error.h') compile without any problems. It's the previous stage of generating them which seems to be going wrong. All tolled I have a list of around 125 x ccg/hg pairs which I process. If I just take that one pair out of the list, everything builds normally again (except that ultimately, '' ends up as a missing file, of course!)

Sadly, I need to take my sister for a hospital appointment this afternoon so it'll be tomorrow before I can take a good look at that patch. It looks like only 2 files were affected though - so I might try reverting them temporarily and see if that changes anything. Thanks Kjell and Murray for your help with this.


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