Re: MSVC build problems after updating from git

On 26/11/2014 18:59, John Emmas wrote:
Does gmmproc have any kind of return value?  I'm just wondering if it might be returning an error status now, when it wasn't previously?

Anyway, I'm too tired tonight to do any more work on this.  It'll have to wait until I feel a bit fresher, tomorrow!

Well..  even after some more tests this morning, I'm still as baffled as ever!  When I examine my build log, the only instance of the word "error" (which isn't part of a function name) is this line:-

      gmmproc: error: GIOErrorEnum: Example code discarded.

I don't see that line in the previous version (which builds okay).  But does that indicate a genuine error?  Up to now, I've assumed it doesn't - because, in both builds, I do see similar looking lines, such as:-

      gmmproc: enums: GIOErrorEnum: Example code discarded.
      gmmproc: file: g_file_get_uri_scheme: Example code discarded.

So I've assumed that the first one doesn't indicate an actual build error.  Is that assumption safe?


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