Re: MSVC build problems after updating from git

On 29 Nov 2014, at 11:15, Kjell Ahlstedt wrote:

Don't let gmmproc write a filename (or perhaps a class name, such as Error, or a method name, such as get_error()?) between the first and the second colon on a line. Is that the result of your investigation?

Hi Kjell - as bizarre as it might seem, yes.

Isn't there a way to inform MSVC that it shall not try to interpret the output from gmmproc? I found this link: I don't know if it's relevant.

To be absolutely honest, I'm not convinced that this is MSVC's problem.  If the IDE was simply looking for the word "error", okay - that I could understand.  But why would it look for some text including "error" that was (somewhere in between) two colons?  That just doesn't sound like a "Microsoft thing" to me.  I wonder if there's a problem with perl maybe?

I followed the link that you provided.  The article is slightly misleading because 'Tasks' are a feature of MSBuild, rather than Visual Studio.  MSBuild and VS are related to each other but they're not the same thing so that suggestion wouldn't help in this case.

If we have to change gmmproc, I think I prefer
gmmproc, error.h, GIOErrorEnum: Example code discarded.
in this case. There are several other print directives in gmmproc that are potentially problematic.

I tried with commas, rather than colons and that works fine.  Hope that helps,


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