Re: MSVC build problems after updating from git

When I deleted the glibmm/gio/src/.stamps directory, thus forcing gmmproc to process all .hg an .ccg files, I got 7 warnings of the type you mention. When I did the same with gtkmm/gtk/src/.stamps, I got 9 such warnings. Those warnings are quite common. They only affect the documentation that gmmproc generates. gmmproc fails to convert a C function name to a corresponding C++ method name. It shouldn't make the build fail. I'm sure you've got similar warnings before, just you haven't noticed them when the build succeeded.

You should probably search for the reason for the build failure somewhere else. Did any compilation start? Did you get compilation errors?


Den 2014-11-26 14:36, John Emmas skrev:
Firstly, a rider...  I'm using my own-built MSVC projects for building glibmm and giomm (i.e. I don't use the ones supplied by git) - but having said that, my projects have worked perfectly up until this morning.

After updating from git master this morning I noticed that some new sources got added to glibmm (namely, 'glib/src/binding.ccg' and its header file, 'binding.hg').  I added them to my project and glibmm built perfectly (i.e. my project converts them into the corresponding cc and h files).

However, when the build then moved to giomm I suddenly see a lot of errors like this (which I've never seen before) and the build fails:- Warning: GtkDefs::lookup_object() failed
          for object name=GNotification, function name=g_notification_set_priority
              This may be a missing define-object in a *.defs file.

There are probably half a dozen similar errors (where 'function name' is 'g_resources_register' / 'g_settings_schema_source_lookup' or whatever).  I've never seen these errors before.  Can anyone suggest what might be causing them?  A new script that I need to run, maybe??

FWIW all the named 'function names' can be found in 'gio/src/gio_methods.defs') - except for the very last one which is 'g_settings_schema_key_range_check' (that one isn't found in any of my .defs files).  Does that shed any light on the problem?


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