Re: MSVC build problems after updating from git

On 26/11/2014 14:43, Kjell Ahlstedt wrote:
Those warnings are quite common. They only affect the documentation that gmmproc generates. gmmproc fails to convert a C function name to a corresponding C++ method name. It shouldn't make the build fail. I'm sure you've got similar warnings before, just you haven't noticed them when the build succeeded.

Hi Kjell and thanks for the prompt reply.

Firstly, you're right about those messages.  My last update was about a fortnight ago (Nov 11th) and by a stroke of luck I backed it up.  So I restored my old backup and ran a build (which worked).  I only see 4 of those messages for giomm - but they do include the one I thought might be problematic (g_settings_schema_key_range_check).  So I think you're right about that just being coincidental.

You should probably search for the reason for the build failure somewhere else. Did any compilation start? Did you get compilation errors?

No - in fact it fails exactly at the point where the compilation would
normally begin. But there's no obvious reason.  All the ccg and hg files got converted (correctly AFAICT).  And I can compile the generated cc files (manually) and link them manually.  It just won't flow from the pre-compile step into the compile stage any more.

I decided to examine the generated cc and h files for giomm.  '', 'resource.h' and 'error.h' are all significantly bigger than a fortnight ago but they all compile okay (so I don't think they're causing any problem) and everything else looks the same!

Does gmmproc have any kind of return value?  I'm just wondering if it might be returning an error status now, when it wasn't previously?

Anyway, I'm too tired tonight to do any more work on this.  It'll have to wait until I feel a bit fresher, tomorrow!


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