Re: MSVC build problems after updating from git

On 27 Nov 2014, at 14:42, John Emmas wrote:

it'll be tomorrow before I can take a good look at that patch.

Hi Kjell - after some further testing this morning, this problem is turning out to be an unbelievably stupid 
issue with MSVC!!!  I mentioned this yesterday:-

When I examine my build log, the only instance of the word "error" (which isn't part of a function name) is 
this line:-

      gmmproc: error: GIOErrorEnum: Example code discarded. 

Basically, I'm processing 125 x hg / ccg pairs as a pre-build step.  After the recent changes you mentioned 
yesterday ('' and 'gerror.m4') I'm now seeing the above line while the "error" pair is getting 
processed (keep in mind that MSVC routinely captures the output text from any pre-build steps).

What seems to be happening is that it's noticing the word "error:" in that captured text - and assuming that 
one of the pre-build steps failed.!  If I temporarily rename error.hg and error.ccg to something else (then 
process the renamed files instead) the problem goes away.  But that's not a viable solution of course!

Is there any way I could experiment with changing that message text - let's say to this:-

        gmmproc: 'error': GIOErrorEnum: Example code discarded.

Or maybe to this:-

        gmmproc: (source_module='error'): GIOErrorEnum: Example code discarded.

Experimenting with that text output will probably be the only solution, I think.  Thanks.


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