MSVC build problems after updating from git

Firstly, a rider... I'm using my own-built MSVC projects for building glibmm and giomm (i.e. I don't use the ones supplied by git) - but having said that, my projects have worked perfectly up until this morning.

After updating from git master this morning I noticed that some new sources got added to glibmm (namely, 'glib/src/binding.ccg' and its header file, 'binding.hg'). I added them to my project and glibmm built perfectly (i.e. my project converts them into the corresponding cc and h files).

However, when the build then moved to giomm I suddenly see a lot of errors like this (which I've never seen before) and the build fails:- Warning: GtkDefs::lookup_object() failed for object name=GNotification, function name=g_notification_set_priority
              This may be a missing define-object in a *.defs file.

There are probably half a dozen similar errors (where 'function name' is 'g_resources_register' / 'g_settings_schema_source_lookup' or whatever). I've never seen these errors before. Can anyone suggest what might be causing them? A new script that I need to run, maybe??

FWIW all the named 'function names' can be found in 'gio/src/gio_methods.defs') - except for the very last one which is 'g_settings_schema_key_range_check' (that one isn't found in any of my .defs files). Does that shed any light on the problem?


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