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  • Infrastructure | Delete 2.70.2 tag from GLib (#719), Philip Withnall (@pwithnall)
  • Infrastructure | New mirror request: mirrors.ocf.berkeley.edu (#718), Jonathan Zhang (@rjz)
  • Re: Infrastructure | Docker seccomp filters break Fedora 35+ container images (#667), @barthalion
  • Infrastructure | Request a GNOME (LDAP) account (#716), Bhaskara Ram (@bhaskarvilles1)
  • Infrastructure | GIMP mirror https://ftp.gwdg.de/pub/grafik/gimp/ (#715), FTP Admin GWDG (@gwdg-ftp)
  • Infrastructure | Kumi Systems Mirror (#714), Kumi Systems (@kumisystems)
  • Infrastructure | DotSrc (DK) requesting status as official mirror (#713), Chriztoffer Hansen (@netravnen)
  • Infrastructure | Credentials for mirror in Greece (#712), bilias (@bilias)
  • Re: Infrastructure | Existing account update (#683), Ana Cabral (@acabral)
  • Infrastructure | Request a GNOME (LDAP) account (#711), Bhaskara Ram (@bhaskarvilles1)
  • Infrastructure | Request access to extensions.gnome.org infrastructure (#710), Daniel Landau (@dlandau)
  • Infrastructure | Request for persistent storage on GNOME Openshift (#709), @vstanek
  • Infrastructure | Create LDPA account for cfoch (#708), @cfoch1
  • Infrastructure | Request a GNOME (LDAP) account (#707), Luca Bacci (@lb90)
  • Infrastructure | ODRS reviews and ETag (#706), Milan Crha (@mcrha)
  • Infrastructure | Access tokens required for lorry mirrors group (#705), Ellis Barnwell (@ellisbarnwell)
  • Infrastructure | Account for git push access in GIMP repo (#704), @dnovomesky
  • Re: Infrastructure | Request for machine to deploy mirroring solution (#697), @barthalion
  • Re: Infrastructure | Add developer access to my account (#636), @gwagner
  • Re: Infrastructure | New mirror Germany + AMPRNet (#695), Jehan (@Jehan)
  • Re: Infrastructure | Mirror for download.gimp.org (#691), Jehan (@Jehan)
  • Re: Infrastructure | New Mirror: Russia, https://mirror.surf for download.gimp.org (#686), Jehan (@Jehan)
  • Re: Infrastructure | New (additional) mirror in Ukraine (#702), Jehan (@Jehan)
  • Re: Infrastructure | ci failure on the macos running (#703), Andrea Veri (@averi)
  • Re: Infrastructure | GitLab developer access request (#663), Ivan Molodetskikh (@YaLTeR)
  • [GNOME Blogs] Some plugins were automatically updated, GNOME Blogs Mailer
  • Re: Infrastructure | New gimp mirror in China (#692), Jehan (@Jehan)

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