Re: [Evolution] Reply for list messages should go back to the list

My current inclination is to head down the KISS route - just put a
Reply-to-list button on the toolbar that might possibly be greyed out if
there is no list info.  That seems to be simple, quick and easy to
implement - it's just a patch to an XML file.

In fact I've just done it:

        # diff -c evolution-mail-message.xml*
        *** evolution-mail-message.xml  2010-07-15 11:46:41.908738010 +0100
        --- evolution-mail-message.xml.bu       2010-07-15 11:45:17.080749201 +0100
        *** 399,408 ****
                 _label="Reply to All" priority="1"
        -       <toolitem name="MessageReplyList" verb=""
        -        _label="Reply to List" priority="1"
        -        pixtype="pixbuf"/>
                <toolitem name="MessageForward" verb=""
                 _label="Forward" priority="1"
        --- 399,404 ----

This is for 2.26.3 ('cos that's what I'm using this very minute) and the
files are located in /usr/share/evolution/2.26/ui on F11.  It even gets
greyed out when there are no list messages, it's just missing an icon.


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