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  • [Evolution-hackers] evolution and pango in 2.13.90 don't play nice, Matthias Clasen
  • [Evolution-hackers] Birthday reminder script, vseguip
  • [Evolution-hackers] Announce : Evolution 2.5.90, EDS 1.5.90, Evolution-exchange 2.5.90 and Gtkhtml 3.9.90, Harish Krishnaswamy
  • [Evolution-hackers] Bugday!, pnayak
  • [Evolution-hackers] Re: [Fwd: "Document font" pref [was: Re: asking for approval for bug 160454]], Harish Krishnaswamy
  • [Evolution-hackers] [Fwd: Re: [Fwd: "Document font" pref [was: Re: asking for approval for bug 160454]]], Federico Mena Quintero
  • [Evolution-hackers] [Ann] SwigForEDS 0.0.1 released, vseguip
  • [Evolution-hackers] fix bug 323853 by GtkFileChooserButton, Nancy Cai
  • [Evolution-hackers] Two multithread problems: memorychunk and message-list, jeff
  • [Evolution-hackers] Symptom-fixing for Win32 paths, Philip Van Hoof
  • [Evolution-hackers] gnome-doc-utils/translated help, Matthew East
  • [Evolution-hackers] dgettext abuse?, Stefan Schmitt
  • [Evolution-hackers] How do I make the transport capability of my Camel provider "public"?, Jules Colding
  • [Evolution-hackers] String/UI change notifications for commits done on UI Hackfest, Harish Krishnaswamy
  • [Evolution-hackers] A multithread problem, jeff cai
  • [Evolution-hackers] Evolution UI HackFest, Srinivasa Ragavan
  • [Evolution-hackers] Checking filename validity by e_filename_make_safe() have some problem., simon.zheng
  • [Evolution-hackers] Camel.Transport - Connected, online or both?, Jules Colding
  • [Evolution-hackers] Remove duplicate e-util-marshal.list in evolution/widgets/misc, simon.zheng
  • Re: [Evolution-hackers] symbol ugliness ..., Tor Lillqvist
  • [Evolution-hackers] Akonadi: A PIM Storage service, Shreyas Srinivasan
  • Re: [Evolution-hackers] Re: [Fwd: Re: Community Service], Ross Golder
  • [Evolution-hackers] HEAD won't build - sed: -e expression #1, char 44: unknown option to `s', Lee Revell
  • [Evolution-hackers] [Exchange] Project update for evolution-brutus, Jules Colding
  • [Evolution-hackers] CamelStore.get_folder() with no folder name, Jules Colding
  • [Evolution-hackers] [CAMEL] Can't get Evolution to detect UTF-8 message body, Jules Colding
  • Re: [Evolution-hackers] CamelMimeMessage - Should I set all or a subset of the headers?, Jeffrey Stedfast
  • [Evolution-hackers] Announce : Evolution 2.5.4, EDS 1.5.4, Evolution-exchange 2.5.4 and Gtkhtml 3.9.4, Harish Krishnaswamy
  • Re: [Evolution-hackers] Reading the content of CamelMimePart, Parthasarathi Susarla
  • Re: [Evolution-hackers] Is it necessary to localize mail header date?, Parthasarathi Susarla
  • Re: [Evolution-hackers] How do I set the charset encoding of the CamelMimeMessage body?, Parthasarathi Susarla
  • [Evolution-hackers] evolution shortcut keys review., Andre Klapper

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