[Evolution-hackers] How do I make the transport capability of my Camel provider "public"?


I am doing the usual

	brutus_provider.object_types[CAMEL_PROVIDER_STORE] =  camel_brutus_store_get_type() ;
	brutus_provider.object_types[CAMEL_PROVIDER_TRANSPORT] = camel_brutus_transport_get_type();

registration of the provider, but it does not seem to be accepted by

1) There is no "Sending Email" pane in the account properties for a
Brutus account. Any ideas why this is so?

2) Brutus does not show up as a "Server Type" option when selecting the
"Sending Email" pane in the account preferences for a POP3 account. How
can I make Brutus show up there?

I can see that camel_brutus_transport_get_type() and
camel_brutus_transport_class_init() is being invoked by Evolution with
no errors so I am really confused as to why my transport class is being

Thanks a lot in advance,

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