[Evolution-hackers] [Ann] SwigForEDS 0.0.1 released

ANN: SwigForEDS 0.0.1 released

  As of today I release version 0.0.1 of SwigForEDS. This are a series
of SWIG(*) generated wrappers for the evolution data server library.

  This milestone is alpha quality (use at your own risk) and includes
only Ruby wrappers to a limited part of the API. I've decided to put
it on the wild in the hope to get some python guys team up to produce
the python specific code for the wrappers and to extend the API over
the current limited coverage of the ECal API.

  An introduction, download and installation instructions are located at:


Download site:

A tutorial (it assumes you know something about the GLib e-d-s lib) is
available here. Note that the one included in the bundle is not

A sweet example (at the moment not functional) of what can be done is here

The evo-swig.tar.gz file is in a mercurial repository. You don't need
mercurial to install the bindings but it's useful if you want to hack

SWIG home page:

This set of bindings are under LGPL license. The calendar-share
example is under GPL.

Special thanks to Shreyas, Harish and Tom Copeland for their help.
Thanks also to all the guys that helped me while writing this piece of
shitty code.

Comments and help are welcomed.

  V. Seguí

(*) SWIG is a great program for generating language wrappers (Python,
Ruby, Lisp, Java, etc) around C/C++ libraries.

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