[Evolution-hackers] Akonadi: A PIM Storage service


When Till Adam of KDE was in Bangalore to attend http://foss.in . Me and
Partha had an 
initial discussion on having a relational database backend to store
mails which can help 
us solve a lot of performance, memory and functional issues which we
face today. 

During a course of that discussion we were pointed towards Oryx
( http://www.oryx.com/mailstore/overview.html ) which uses RDBMS as a
mail store. 

Also we have long been talking about a query'able mail store either
working independently 
or as a part of Evolution-data-server, this has been unsuccessful due to
limitations on 
the amount of data which can be transferred using dbus or bonobo as a
bridge. As a consequence of that brainstorming and a few more among the
kde-pim community. We have now 
the first documented proposal to solve the requirements.

The initial set of requirements mostly contributed to by the kde-pim
guys can be found here 

Also more importantly we are pleased to announce Akonadi: A PIM Storage
with the mission statement. 

"We intend to design an extensible cross-desktop storage service for PIM
data and meta data providing concurrent read, write, and query access.
It will provide unique desktop wide object identification and retrieval"

As the project seems to solve a lot of common problems which Evolution
and Kontact share, its an ideal opportunity for the two projects to
interact to arrive at a common desktop solution which could solve all
our aches and bruises. 


Everyone interested in Akonadi are most welcome to join #akonadi on
Freenode and help in taking this initiative further.


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