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  • Feedback on users/empathy/3.12/add-account.page, Jaxx Miller
  • Feedback on misc/release-notes/3.6/users-empathy.page, Michael Finkenthei
  • Feedback on misc/release-notes/3.14/index.page, Stefan Burges
  • Possible mismatch between figure and text, Leonardo Ferreira Fontenelle
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  • Error on help page "Save a copy of an annotated PDF", Torokhov Sergey
  • Feedback on misc/release-notes/3.14/touchscreen-gestures.page, Todd Hawk
  • Feedback on misc/release-notes/3.14/touchscreen-ge stures.page, Craig Cabrey
  • Feedback on users/file-roller/3.14/archive-create.page, Urmas
  • Re: Feedback on users/file-roller/3.12/index.page, David King
  • Re: Issues with developer.gnome.org/gnome-devel-demos/3.12/gmenu.py.html, David King
  • Re: Feedback on users/gedit/3.12/gedit-shortcut-keys.page, David King
  • Re: Feedback on users/empathy/3.12/prob-conn-auth.page, David King
  • Re: docs-feedback post from justin postgresql org requires approval, Ekaterina Gerasimova
  • Re: Feedback on users/gedit/stable/gedit-change-color-scheme.html.en, Ekaterina Gerasimova
  • Feedback on users/evolution/3.4/index.page, Freenet
  • Feedback on anjuta-manual/3.12/project-wizard-create.page, Paul Gove
  • Feedback on users/gthumb/2.13/edit-resize-crop.page, Cari Soderlund
  • Feedback on users/evolution/3.12/index.page, rabre hispeed
  • Feedback on users/evolution/3.12/mail-composer-mail-signatures.page, Albert Sapsford

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