Re: Error on help page "Save a copy of an annotated PDF"

Hi Sergey

On 2014-09-26 00:41, Torokhov Sergey <torokhov-s-a yandex ru> wrote:
Thank you for so quick response!

As you mentioned  the evince documentation is quite outdated.
Also there is a page about "Removing annotations" in PDF:

There is a bug (feature request) concerning this case:

It looks like it was resolved nearly before Gnome 3.14 release,
so I don't know exactly what last Evince version wasn't able to delete annotations.

Today I tried Gnome 3.14 Live-iso image and it seems that Evince of this Gnome 3.14 release is able of 
removing created annotations.  If I'm not mistaken.

You are correct. The feature to remove annotations was merged just before the development freeze for 3.14, so Evince can now remove annotations, and the documentation is no longer correct.

The description on the help page mentioned above in this page could mislead some of users that want to add/ 
edit / remove annotations to their pdf-documents.

Please, correct "Removing annotations" help page too If it's possible and please make the indication of 
Evince version where this feature request was resolved as many Linux distributives currently use Gnome 3.10 in their 
stable releases.

I filed a bug, and provided a patch:

Once someone reviews the patch, it will be committed and the bug will be fixed.

Thanks again for the report, and please continue to report any other problems that you find.


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