Re: Error on help page "Save a copy of an annotated PDF"

Hi Sergey

On 2014-09-25 00:32, Torokhov Sergey <torokhov-s-a yandex ru> wrote:
This page

and the pages on the others languages are needing to be updated.

They contain following statement:
"Annotations are added according to the PDF specification. Therefore,
most PDF readers should be able to read them. The Okular document viewer
does not support them."

As I know, Okular supports emended PDF annotations since version 0.15
(kde 4.9 release, august 2012) and they are visible and editable by
other applications.

Why there is Okular's mentioning at all? Please remove information about

Thanks for the feedback! The evince documentation is pretty outdated, but it is good to know about specific cases like this. I filed a bug about the problem:

You can subscribe to the bug to track the progress of fixing it.

Thanks again!


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