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... even nowadays Duden is the most trusted source for those issues -
BUT I've never heard any German being using this word !!???
Take care, there might also be words from Austria and Suisse in it.
Best, Thomas
(native German for more than 50 years ;-))

Am Donnerstag, den 25.09.2014, 11:36 +0200 schrieb Thorsten Panknin:
Hi Wolfgang,

ok, that is a bit embarrassing now. Never criticise translations when
you're tired and haven't fact-checked your own opinion. Sorry about
that, guys.



2014-09-25 7:06 GMT+02:00 Wolfgang Stoeggl <c72578 yahoo de>:
        here you will find some information on the German word
                Von: David King <amigadave amigadave com>
                An: Thorsten Panknin <thorstenpanknin gmail com> 
                CC: docs-feedback gnome org; gnome-de gnome org 
                Gesendet: 0:21 Donnerstag, 25.September 2014
                Betreff: Re: Feedback on
                Hi Thorsten (and the German translation team!)
                On 2014-09-24 23:35, Thorsten Panknin
                <thorstenpanknin gmail com> wrote:
                >thanks for another promising release of GNOME.
                >I found an error on the German version of the page:
                'Das neueste GNOME ist
                >bespickt mit ...' must be ' Das neueste GNOME ist
                gespickt mit...' There's
                >no such word as 'bespicken' in the German language.
                Thanks for the feedback. I have added the German
                translation team 
                mailing list to the Cc, and they should be able to fix
                the problem. 
                Thanks again!
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                gnome-de gnome org

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