Re: docs-feedback post from justin postgresql org requires approval

Hi Justin,

On 3 Aug 2014 12:37,  <justin postgresql org> wrote:
So, on the page it has a section saying:

  Show, hide or edit the toolbar.

Which links to this page:

And on that page it has _nothing_ about showing, hiding, or
editing the toolbar.

All that's there is a description of the toolbar items, and
that's all.

(Really disappointing when I'm trying to figure out how to
hide the damn toolbar, which is absolutely refusing to go
away even in full screen mode :/)

Thank you for your feedback. It appears to be that the toolbar
customisation was removed from evince some time ago and the help was
not updated correctly[1].

I have now deleted the page as it had no topic-oriented content (we
generally do not write pages describing the UI). If you think that
there is a better solution with regards to the documentation or would
like to add anything, please let us know or comment on the bug[2].

Thanks for your help


Regards and best wishes,

Justin Clift

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