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Hi Jon

On 2014-08-27 04:32, Jon Tofly <jontofly gmail com> wrote:
I'm on Debian Jessie. and
 * "Toggle case of the selected text  Ctrl+~" isn't working.
     but, 'Ctrl+Shift+~' does work.

This is probably because your keyboard has the tilde character on a key where you need to press the shift key to input the character. As there are many keyboard layouts, each of which may have a different way to enter a character, it is not feasible to describe exactly which keys to press to input a specific character. To think of it another way, the shortcut is "Ctrl+~", not "Ctrl+Shift+`" (if you have a US English keyboard layout).

 * missing bookmarks key-bindings:
    Toggle bookmark  ctrl+alt+b
    Goto next bookmark  ctrl+b
    Goto previous bookmark  shift+ctrl+b

The keyboard shortcuts are not gedit application shortcuts, but are specific to the bookmarks plugin. The plugin help for the bookmarks plugin should be installed together with the plugin, and you can find it from the help index, under "gedit Plugins". It is not currently possible to add the plugin keyboard shortcuts to the application keyboard shortcuts help page.

Hope that helps.


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