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Hi Stefan

On 2014-09-26 03:03, Stefan Burges <s burges teamaffairs de> wrote:
thank you very much. Gnome (your work) is grat.
I am living with a lenovo helix. Only with your (arch) gnome it is
Thank you very much.


Gnome could be the future an arm. Every day i am looking about to get
gnome on my arm (TF700, nexus 7 2013).
Your system should be the best. How could i am support you to became a
gnome user on arm?

There are several companies that contribute resources to GNOME with the ARM architecture, although that is mostly using GNOME technologies, not a full GNOME desktop.

Fedora has ARM as a primary architecture, and other distributions also offer ARM packages, so you might be able to install GNOME (or parts of it) on ARM hardware for testing.

There is currently not much design work towards a GNOME environment for tablets or phones, but you can keep an eye on the design pages on the wiki:

It is a pleasure for me to invite every day to see what is going to
happen with gnome. Great work.
Your open-source-thinking e.g. owncloud is really great.
Go ahead. Thank you. Free OS.

Thanks for your kind words. Did you see the GNOME 3.14 release video:

I hope that you enjoy the new features in the latest release!


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