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  • [xslt] <sort/> dumps core, Liam Quin
  • [xslt] LIBXSLT file transforms.c, Gorski, Tony
  • [xslt] libxslt-0.8 invalid node type complaint, Steve Tinney
  • [xslt] libxslt-0.8 drops text() nodes in identity transform, Steve Tinney
  • [xslt] Multiple output, Echoes
  • [xslt] Namespace issue, Echoes
  • [xslt] Release of libxslt-0.8.0, Daniel Veillard
  • [xslt] Bug in import with namespaces?, Brent Hendricks
  • [xslt] bug while reporting errors in libxslt, Vadim Zaliva
  • [xslt] xsl:sort, Liam Quin
  • [xslt] Problem with key(), Brent Hendricks
  • [xslt] XSLT-problems, Gerhard Dieringer
  • [xslt] segv, robert
  • [xslt] output-method='text' -- strange behavior, Anton V. Boyarshinov
  • [xslt] xsl:template, Jon Cast
  • [xslt] Segmentation fault fixed but still no cigar, Teppo Peltonen
  • [xslt] Docbook chunking with libxslt?, Bob Stayton
  • [xslt] Encoding with libxslt, Benat Dagorret
  • [xslt] When will XSTL 1.0 fully implemented?, Sze, Tak F
  • [xslt] unparsed-entity-uri bug?, puninj
  • [xslt] Problem using xsltproc, puninj
  • [xslt] Namespace problem, Brent Hendricks
  • Re: [xslt] Proposed enhancement to some libxslt-0.6.0 routines, Daniel Veillard

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