Re: [xslt] output-method='text' -- strange behavior

>   I don't know how you managed to install libxslt 0.7.0 against
> libxml 2.2.9, the configure checks for having at least 2.3.6 installed
> and really needs it !  First thing to do is to double-check this.

Ah, I'm sorry. My libxml has version 2.3.6 ( but 2.2.9 also exists
as I'v saw xml-config, not xml2-config.

>   And the result once the attached patch is applied:
> orchis:~/XSLT/libxslt -> ./xsltproc tst.xsl tst.xml 
> #ff0000+1This values are missed or incorrect:
>     address, folder.

I'll try it, thank your very march. Now i understend, that i'm using bug in 
Sablotron as feature:-(. Good moment to fix my stylesheets.

With best regards

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