Re: [xslt] output-method='text' -- strange behavior

On Tue, Apr 17, 2001 at 03:30:32PM +0400, Anton V. Boyarshinov wrote:
> >   And the result once the attached patch is applied:
> > 
> > orchis:~/XSLT/libxslt -> ./xsltproc tst.xsl tst.xml 
> > 
> > #ff0000+1This values are missed or incorrect:
> >     address, folder.
> >     
> I'll try it, thank your very march. Now i understend, that i'm using bug in 
> Sablotron as feature:-(. Good moment to fix my stylesheets.

  Well I'm unsure. I have reread the XPath sections 5.3 Attribute Nodes
and 5.7 Text Nodes, and it seems that attributes values are not stored
as text nodes in the XPath document model, and hence their content should
not be output, and the following should be generated:

orchis:~/XSLT/libxslt -> ./xsltproc tst.xsl tst.xml 

This values are missed or incorrect:
    address, folder.
orchis:~/XSLT/libxslt ->

  basically you just need to remove the properties output part in the
provided patch,


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