Re: [tbroyer ltgt net: Re: [xslt] Problem with key()]

On Wed, Apr 18, 2001 at 01:08:39AM +0200, Thomas Broyer wrote:
> Doh, forgot the Cc to xslt gnome org
> Since only subscribers are allowed to post to the list (well, you Daniel
> may approve a non-subscriber message), wouldn't it be more logical (and
> better for all of us) to set the default Reply-To to the list rather than
> the sender?

 Well Okay i turned the reply-to to go to the list. A lot of people hate
this behaviour but in this case (a technical list) I think it makes sense.

> Of course, I forgot converting the node-set to its string value, thus obj2
> was always a node-set!

> Add this:
> 		xmlXPathStringFunction(ctxt, 1);

  okay applied to CVS,

  thanks for the fix,


Daniel Veillard      | Red Hat Network
veillard redhat com  | libxml Gnome XML XSLT toolkit | Rpmfind RPM search engine

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