[xslt] unparsed-entity-uri bug?

Hi Daniel

I've been using xsltproc and I think that is an excellent XSLT processor.
I was using xsltproc and I think I found a bug. 

The element graphic is defined in the DTD as:

<!ELEMENT graphic         EMPTY                                   >
<!ATTLIST graphic
                 figname  ENTITY                      #REQUIRED
                 scale    CDATA                       "100"       >

where figname attribute is an entity. In my XML document I use this graphic

<graphic figname="SIMPLEGRAPH"/>

where SIMPLEGRAPH is the entity:


There is an xslt that transforms this XML document in a HTML document. The
statement that uses @figname is:

<xsl:when test="unparsed-entity-uri(@figname)">

When I use xsltproc, I got this error:

unparsed-entity-uri() : invalid arg expecting a string

Hope this helps.
Best wishes 

John Punin

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