[xslt] Problem with key()


(Daniel: this is a better description of the bug I mentioned to you in
an email earlier today.)

I'm having trouble getting the key() function to work when the second
argument is a nodeset, rather than a string.

xsltproc segfaults on the following xsl fragment:

<xsl:key name="idkey" match="div" use="@id"/>

<xsl:template match="doc">
  <xsl:value-of select="key('idkey',@target)"/>

run on the following xml file:

<doc target="lookup">
  <div id="lookup">Success</div>
  <div id="unwanted">Failed</div>

(this is a modified version of REC/test-12.2-1)

I tried to trace the execution under gdb, but I get caught in a
seemingly infinite recursion in xsltKeyFunction():

   if (obj2->type == XPATH_NODESET) {
	int i;
	xmlXPathObjectPtr newobj, ret;

	ret = xmlXPathNewNodeSet(NULL);

	if (obj2->nodesetval != NULL) {
	    for (i = 0; i < obj2->nodesetval->nodeNr; i++) {
		valuePush(ctxt, xmlXPathObjectCopy(obj1));
		xsltKeyFunction(ctxt, 2);
		newobj = valuePop(ctxt);
		ret->nodesetval = xmlXPathNodeSetMerge(ret->nodesetval,
	valuePush(ctxt, ret);

I'm afraid this is where my knowledge stops.  I'm not familiar enough
with the libxslt source to be able to say what's supposed to happen



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