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  • [xml] xmlSaveSetAttrEscape() ignored?, Ethan Tira-Thompson
  • [xml] XHTML DTD changes behaviour for empty tags, Matthias Pigulla
  • [xml] Return type of the xpath query during the compilation of xpath, Umesh Chandak
  • [xml] Schema Validation, mt2
  • [xml] Possible Memory leak in xmlCleanupParser, Ashwin
  • [xml] MinGW build regression on 2.6.32 ?, pub3.bb
  • [xml] Xmltextreader jumping to section in the stream, Michael Boke
  • [xml] XPath Woes, mt2
  • Re: [xml] new tree.c function, dhkuhl
  • [xml] [PATCH] Python xpathEval method can leak, Martin (gzlist)
  • [xml] Using xmlSchemaSetValidOptions() to read default/fixed values, Bakthavachalu, Sivakumar
  • [xml] Newline handling, Piotr Gaczkowski
  • [xml] initialization issues in libxml2, John Zolnowsky x69422/408-404-5064
  • [xml] Validate single elements against RelaxNG, Torsten Radtke
  • [xml] characters callback called twice (and UTF-8?), bagnacauda
  • [xml] How to Build DOM tree from sax api, Umesh Chandak
  • [xml] query on xmlSetDocCompressMode, Senthil Nathan
  • [xml] Very large integer support in schema, dnorrell
  • [xml] Remove an xml file's dependence on external DTD files, =?GB2312?B?1rDOxLOs?=
  • [xml] libxml2-2.6.31.tar.gz may be corrupt on main FTP site, Jacob Wan
  • [xml] [PATCH][TRIVIAL] Python whitespace warnings, Martin (gzlist)
  • [xml] help xmlXPathEvalExpression, mansour najet
  • [xml] libxml missing tree_walker?, Morten S. Christensen
  • Re: [xml] Wine - libxml issue, Daniel Veillard
  • Re: [xml] Python bindings default error handling, Daniel Veillard
  • [xml] xmlChar double ptr, j.s.bach
  • [xml] Query Regarding xmlDOMWrapAdoptBranch, Ashwin
  • [xml] xmlReaderForIO and non-blocking socket, Julien Billon
  • [xml] How to access current schema information from "xmlTextReader"?, Jatayu
  • [xml] docs and dicts in xmlSetTreeDoc(), Stefan Behnel

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