Re: [xml] How to Build DOM tree from sax api

On Thu, May 15, 2008 at 12:28:47PM +0530, Umesh Chandak wrote:
Hi All,
     I want to build the DOM tree from sax api's of the libxml. Is there 
any way that I can achieve this.
I wan to do something like this.
1. I will register the sax api's first
2. Once the control come the sax call back handlers . I want to build 
the DOM tree in the call back handlers registered for sax.

  See the SAX2 module and just call the default handlers from your
own set of callback. See for example xmlSchemaSAXPlug() which does this.
Of course if your callbacks have side effects on the tree building part
you will have to check everything to garantee the tree is correct,


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