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  • A mission to kill the old logo, Andreas Nilsson
  • Ignore the link to developer.mozilla.org., Hugh Buzacott
  • localization of GNOME.org (and some other side notes), Hugh Buzacott
  • Cron <gnomeweb@window> FORCE_UPDATE=1 $HOME/bin/cvs-update-pygtk-web, Cron Daemon
  • Cron <gnomeweb@window> $HOME/bin/logify cvs-update-gnomefr-web, Cron Daemon
  • Cron <gnomeweb@window> $HOME/bin/logify cvs-update-pango, Cron Daemon
  • Cron <gnomeweb@window> $HOME/bin/logify cvs-update-gnome-foundation, Cron Daemon
  • Cron <gnomeweb@window> $HOME/bin/logify cvs-update-foundation, Cron Daemon
  • Cron <gnomeweb@window> $HOME/bin/logify cvs-update-guadec-web, Cron Daemon
  • Cron <gnomeweb@window> $HOME/bin/logify cvs-update-art, Cron Daemon
  • Cron <gnomeweb@window> $HOME/bin/logify cvs-update-www.gnomejournal.org, Cron Daemon
  • Cron <gnomeweb@window> $HOME/bin/logify cvs-update-devel, Cron Daemon
  • Cron <gnomeweb@window> $HOME/bin/logify cvs-update-pygtk-web, Cron Daemon
  • Cron <gnomeweb@window> $HOME/bin/logify cvs-update-glade, Cron Daemon
  • Cron <gnomeweb@window> $HOME/bin/logify cvs-update-gw-web, Cron Daemon
  • Cron <gnomeweb@window> FORCE_UPDATE=1 cvs-update-pygtk-web, Cron Daemon
  • Some findings, rajiv vyas
  • GNOME Summit, rajiv vyas
  • quickie for someone with 5-10 minutes free time, Luis Villa
  • Press release is out, David Neary
  • Test link in gnome.org server ?, A Nagappan
  • GNOME Event, Marisa Carullo
  • Cron <gnomeweb@window> $HOME/bin/logify cvs-update-www.gnome.org, Cron Daemon
  • Revamped GNOME.org (on GNOME.org), Hugh Buzacott
  • Spam: Asking for website place for Chronojump project, Xavier de Blas

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